Accident Reconstruction

Accident Reconstruction is the systematic process of evaluating evidence associated with a particular incident while applying physics and engineering principles to understand how and why the incident occurred. Accident reconstruction is performed to evaluate sequences of events, the likelihood of various scenarios, the effects of human and other inputs, and the effect of design changes. Often, an accident reconstruction will be conducted to determine how an incident could have been prevented or its consequences mitigated. Accident reconstruction is frequently performed to analyze vehicular accidents, but accident reconstruction principles are applicable in a wide variety of private, commercial, and industrial environments.

Example: Vehicle Animation Over Live Video

Crash Simulation Over Live Video

Electronic Control Module “Black Box” Downloads and Interpretation

Colloquially referred to as “black boxes,” vehicle airbag control modules (along with other electronic control modules) often have an event data recorder function that records crash related data. Talas Engineering can help to retrieve that recorded data in the following vehicles:

  • Passenger vehicles supported by the Bosch Crash Data Retrieval system (most commercially available automobiles - call us regarding which vehicles are covered)
  • Hyundai vehicles
  • Heavy Trucks


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